Mission Statement of The Association


The C-45 Quality Association brings together professionals and participants in the quality field of the cannabis sector. The conference committee encourages delegates to meet other delegates with the goal of forming a strong community based on information sharing, to strengthen the industry.


  • Unsolicited sales are not welcome.

  • Be professional in your conduct and respect delegates, speakers, staff and organizers.

  • Sponsor behaviour should be aligned with C-45 Quality Association's values during the conference

  • Harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave, without refund.

  • Summit feedback indicates that delegates want the absence of strong sales pitches, so they can focus on educational component of the conference.

  • Please report inappropriate behaviour to conference organizers.

  • Sponsorship is understood to mean financial support for C-45 events.

  • Respect the integrity and credibility of C-45 Association and its members.

  • Refrain from using privileged access to the C-45 Quality Association membership and extended community for un-invited sales & marketing activity.

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Our members are setting the standards in Canadian Cannabis and leading the way for the future.


The Association will strive to protect the public interest by engaging its members in the cannabis industry to arrive at sound practises that strengthen the industry and ensure safe and effective cannabis management throughout all of Canada, and globally, as the industry matures. The Association will also endeavour to provide members with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources that will assist members in improving and advancing their careers. SH



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