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C45 Association Webinar Series

How to Read a COA; a deep dive.
Friday, Aug. 27th, 9-10 am PST

Rachel Fontaine, Phytochemia and Stephanie Ostrander, Keystone Labs

This is a 30 minute C45 Association webinar on "How to Read a COA (Certificate of Analysis) followed by 15 min. Q&A session. The presentation follows a PowerPoint and has been prerecorded.

Rachel and Stephanie will break down the mysteries of a cannabis lab COA and discuss the different Health Canada required tests other non-required testing such as terpenes. We will look at the different reporting styles as well as Health Canada required information.

What are limits, methods, specifications, and intended use and how can they impact your results? What are the reported measurements and the many acronyms on a COA? You'll find out in our presentation. Find us on social media @c45association @phytochemia @keystonelabs

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