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GPP and Packaging/Labelling Guide

Two of the most challenging elements to implement well under the Cannabis Regulations are GPP, and Packaging and Labelling. There are a lot of specific things you need but very little guidance from the regulations themselves.

Fortunately, Health Canada has provided two excellent documents to help. Both have been recently updated to reflect the new, upcoming cannabis product classes. I know we shouldn't have favourites... but these are my favourite guidance documents.

I highly recommend reviewing these, regardless of whether you're an applicant starting a new cannabis business or a veteran with existing, established systems.

What was the most surprising thing YOU learned from reading the guidance documents?

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Dan Wall
Dan Wall
09 нояб. 2019 г.

I am most surprised by the shift AWAY from using percentages to indicate potencies of dried cannabis. While there are strong arguments for standardizing consumer-facing potency information, the felt effects from a given mg quantity of THC vary wildly across consumption methods. I'm not sure if forcing consumers to compare potency in mg, across product formats, will be in their best interest. For instance, if a person is accustomed to using dried cannabis in the 150 -200mg/g total THC range, they may intuitively consider a edible dosage of 150 mg THC, given the nominative similarity. Perhaps a dose-equivalent measure of potency will be used in the future. Calories per serving? Food for thought.

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