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Help us change the Canadian Cannabis Industry - Oct. 2021

We see one of the valuable aspects of the C45 Association is it creates a singular touch-point in the industry for many important issues. Our friend David Brown will be heading up our newly instated regulatory committee. We are looking for other passionate members to answer the call and help David bring industry-driven change to regulations.

David has extensive experience with the Cannabis Act and Regulations given his time covering the legislation as it made its way through Parliament, and his two years working with Health Canada's cannabis branch during the development and implementation of Canada's historic legislation. Prior to his time with Health Canada, David also ran Lift Cannabis's news page and events stage at the Lift Forums and Lift Expo, helping to collect and share the stories of Canada's evolving cannabis industry.

One of the most pressing issues in the coming year will be developing a white paper, or even a series of white papers, that can be presented as part of the community engagement from the upcoming review of the Cannabis Act by Oct 2021.

Bringing together these voices and ideas to help create these bodies of work will be crucial in ensuring the industry's voice is well represented in that process, with the C45 Association as the face of that voice.

Here are some of the key changes we feel could greatly benefit the industry in regard to federal regulations:

  • Raising the 10mg limit per package on edibles

  • Lowering or removing the federal "cost recovery fee" for producers

  • Allowing cultivators/nurseries to sell plants and seeds into retail channels without an extra sales license

  • Removing childproof container requirements on dried flower

  • Raising public possession limit and therefore sales limit of 30 grams or its equivalent

  • Allowing for more branding opportunities on consumer packaging

  • Raising allowable microbial limits

  • Remove federal tax on medical cannabis.

Do you have more on your list for change? Are you passionate and what to get more involved? If YES.


Or head to our contact us link under the home tab at

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I highly recommend participation in C45 committee. It is a great way to affect meaningful change in the cannabis industry. Dave Brown is an organized, and effective committee leader is excellent and moving agenda's ahead effectively. Join this group! ⬆️

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