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Speak at the next Growing & C45 Summits.

Hempfest Canada is now taking speaker applications for the Growing & C45 Summits. These Summits will be held online with our new and improved platform, Mien Tzu. Together with the C45 Association, we are excited to bring the Summits & industry networking into your home offices around the world.

The world is changing fast; online events are becoming part of our everyday landscape, saving you time & money. Our online summits are focused on bringing high quality content from industry proffessionals and online networking to a new level. Our summits are packed full of leading edge content from beginning to end with our innovative platform, allowing guests to interact with a wide variety of professionals from across the country and around the globe.

We are looking for speakers to be apart of our upcoming 2021 Summits; speakers with current industry experience that can speak to our Summit themes below. Approved speakers will enjoy industry exposure, free delegate passes, and access to thousands through our blogs and websites.

Online events are here to stay, but here at Hempfest Canada we are hoping we can see you all again in person soon. Until then, join us online in 2021!

Growing Summit

Theme: Focused on Growth

Focused on growers; micro and master growers in the industry

April 27-29, 2021

C45 Summit

Theme: Science & Research

Focused on QAPs, labs and data in the industry

May 17-19, 2021

To speak at either of the above Summits in 2021, please send us your bio using the link below.

Find more information about Hempfest Canada events at

Hosting our IN-PERSON Hempfest Calgary event in September 2021!

*Cannabis Consumption Permitted*

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