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Mission Statement of The Association


The C-45 Quality Association brings together professionals and participants in the quality field of the cannabis sector. The conference committee encourages delegates to meet other delegates with the goal of forming a strong community based on information sharing, to strengthen the industry.


  • Unsolicited sales are not welcome.

  • Be professional in your conduct and respect delegates, speakers, staff and organizers.

  • Sponsor behaviour should be aligned with C-45 Quality Association's values during the conference

  • Harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave, without refund.

  • Summit feedback indicates that delegates want the absence of strong sales pitches, so they can focus on educational component of the conference.

  • Please report inappropriate behaviour to conference organizers.

  • Sponsorship is understood to mean financial support for C-45 events.

  • Respect the integrity and credibility of C-45 Association and its members.

  • Refrain from using privileged access to the C-45 Quality Association membership and extended community for un-invited sales & marketing activity.

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