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Creating a Productive and Efficient Grower

QAP Relationship

About the Webinar

The world of legal recreational cannabis and its corresponding regulations are quite new. For better or for worse, different parts of the regulations can be interpreted and implemented in a large variety of manners. This has led to countless approaches that different facilities undertake in order to produce both cannabis products and the many records required for compliance. In most cultivation facilities, there is a QAP (or team of QAPs) that is generally responsible for ensuring that the operation is compliant; they ensure that records are generated, reports are created and submitted on time, that SOPs are adhered to, and more. The grow team, on the other hand, is often comprised of individuals that just want to grow the best cannabis possible without being burdened by anything else. The relationships between QAPs and growers are crucial, as many (if not most) of the compliance requirements that a QAP is responsible for are ultimately carried out by the growers. Accordingly, it's critical to have a really productive and efficient relationship and/or system in place to ensure that everybody is making the best use of their skills and that nobody is wasting their time. In this webinar, we will start off by sharing a few different ideas for how such a relationship/system might be structured. The bulk of the session, however, will be an open discussion with you, the audience! We want you to bring forth challenges that you've faced at your operations, or scenarios that you are concerned about. We want to hear about processes that you have implemented that have solved different challenges and made a big difference for your team. Throughout the hour that we have together, many different possibilities will be shared from a large variety of sources - from which we hope you'll find inspiration to tackle challenges that you may face at your operation.

Sami Majadla

Sami is the CEO and CTO of CertiCraft, a company on a mission to help craft cannabis growers transition into and thrive within the new regulated market in Canada. Their flagship product is a compliance-focused seed-to-sale system that guides growers through regulatory requirements, generates all necessary records and reports, and as a result, saves growers and QAPs dozens of hours of busywork every month. Prior to CertiCraft, Sami founded and managed a variety of startups, a tech consulting firm, an experimental improvisational music and interactive arts event series, and successfully toured a solo music project across the western US and Canada. He has facilitated many workshops in topics as diverse as music production, front end programming, cannabis regulatory compliance, and getting through creative blocks. He went to Harvard on a full scholarship, where he received a degree in computer science.

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