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Join free webinars from Vitalis & Agilent is proud to present this webinar brought to you by Deibel Laboratories, Inc. The validity of test results relies heavily on how well the collected samples represent the product lot. A sampling plan provides the underlying methodology for where, when, and how to collect samples. In this session we will provide some introductory information on what a sampling plan is, how they’re developed, and some best practices for collecting different cannabis sample types.

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Vitalis is happy to share with the C45 QUALITY Association, a free webinar. We will be hosting this webinar on June 18th at 11am PST | 2pm EST. We are also hosting a three part blog series on our website all on GMP and its implication for cannabis businesses. The first of our series is available now and the additional two parts will be published in the next two weeks. 

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