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The C45 hosts a virtual Cannabis QA Consultation

End of the Transitional Provisions and Microbial Levels

28 Oct 2020 | 1pm – 3pm (EST)

What are the Transitional Provisions?

When the Cannabis Regulations were updated on the 17th October 2019, a 12-month transition period was granted for Licence Holders to make updates to certain provisions that changed between the older Cannabis Regulations and the current Cannabis RegulationsThose provisions have now ended.

Microbial Levels

The impact, amongst other things, effects the microbial limits for release on cannabis and cannabis products.  Under the current Cannabis Regulations microbial limits must now be chosen according to intended use, which are generally lower than what was being selected by Licence Holders previously. What we Know

  • Health Canada has stated that they will delay enforcement of some provisions in the transitional provisions.

  • Laboratories may need to adjust in order to be able to detect the lower limits for microbes.

  • Licence Holders have expressed concern that flower intended for inhalation cannot meet the new microbial limits being imposed.

The Event

We are inviting the participation of Quality Assurance personnel from across the cannabis industry to consult with us around challenges being faced given the end of these transitional provisions. 

The agenda will include:

  • A short presentation on the transitional provisions by CCI Deloitte

  • A short presentation on challenges faced at the testing laboratories by A&L Labs

  • A working session for all to participate to discuss the impact of the transitional provisions, with focus on the microbial limit changes.

This will be a great chance for you to:  

  • Understand the transitional provisions and the delayed enforcement

  • Brainstorm how this affects product specifications for the industry

  • Contribute to a collective feedback initiative which will be prepared from the C45.

  • Build your network and make connections

This is our opportunity to present issues that impact the cannabis industry. The collective feedback from the consultation, and our collective questions, will be consolidated and presented to Health Canada, if appropriate.  No comments will be attributed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the organizers.


RSVP is required and can be sent to any of the following:

Please RSVP by connect with us through our contact us page.

**Please address your message as an 'RSVP'.**

This presentation is hosted by:

Karina Lahnakoski

CCI Deloitte   

Bethan Rider

BOAZ Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Daryl Patterson, 

A&L Laboratories Inc.

Gina Rodriguez

CCI Deloitte        

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